Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Foreign Tourist to be careful of Touts & Prepaid Taxi at Airport

Recently their was couple from Germany came to India for their honeymoon. They Had pre-booked their hotel in Delhi. But the prepaid taxi Driver took them to a travel agent.The cab driver told that hotel, the couple booked was full. The couple had to spend night at travel agent suggested hotel. That is not all travel agent got them signed a tour Worth 1.6 Lakh and forced them to pay the amount. The couple paid the amount further the taxi which they hired took them to one hotel in Pushkar where the taxi driver asked additional 200 USD. The couple fled to Delhi and informed German embassy and police was informed. Though the Travel Agent and Prepaid taxi driver were arrested. But it teached some lesson for all.

1. Please ask your hotel to arrange pick up from Airport. Its always better. If you donot have any information.
2. If you are taking a prepaid do not step out the car till the cab driver takes you to the address you mentioned him.
3. Confirm with the hotel yourself and do not trust the driver.

These things happens at all tourist places. But it is upto you to be careful. 


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